Kristen Gentry


Kristen Gentry is a partner in the firm’s Health Law Practice Group, who focuses her practice on issues concerning Medicaid and Medicare program reimbursement. She has been involved in the design of Medicaid disproportionate share programs in Indiana and Michigan.  She has also been instrumental in crafting Medicaid supplemental payment programs for a variety of health care providers, including hospitals, physicians, nursing facilities, dental clinics, and ambulance services. She was involved in the initial design and implementation of Indiana’s Medicaid non-state governmental nursing facility program and continues to be involved with the governmental hospitals and their acquisition of nursing homes.

Additionally, Kristen has been involved in the design and implementation of the Texas and Utah Medicaid non-state governmental nursing facility programs. She is currently involved in the
design of a Medicaid Section 1115 DSRIP waiver program in Indiana.  Kristen was a key player in the development of the Michigan Community Dental Clinics Medicaid non-state governmental dental clinic program, the Indiana and Michigan Medicaid physician supplemental payment programs, the Indiana hospital inpatient and outpatient hospital supplemental payment programs, and the recent Indiana Medicaid ambulance supplemental payment program.

Kristen also provides advice to health care providers for compliance with the AntiKickback Statute and Stark laws, “provider based” reimbursement, HIPAA, contracting, the Indiana Health Service, audits and general compliance, Medicare cost reporting issues and Provider Reimbursement Review Board appeals, and various other regulatory issues.  She has also assisted as an outside contractor with audits of Medicaid managed care entities in Georgia and Kentucky, and has requested and received favorable Office of Inspector General advisory opinions for health care providers.


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